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Should i create new account or this one is OK?

Hi everyone! I created my fiverr account back in June 2018 and i created some gigs to make extra income from fiverr but because of some reasons/problems i was’nt able to give time to my gigs and fiverr so i deleted my gigs after tow or three days. then i created a gig in Jan 2019 but same thing happend to that gig. Now, i have sorted out my problems and i am able to give a proper amount of time to fiverr I have recently created 2 gigs, Meanwhile i was wondering that is it ok for “fiverr algorithm” that in past i have created and deleted my gigs? will “fiverr algorithm” treat my gigs as it is a new gig or actions of my past will effect my gig? i was wondering if somebody could tell me that if this account is ok or i have to disable/delete this account and create a fresh new account to give my gigs an extra boost and to rank my gigs higher
Back in 2018 i got 67 views on first day of my gig but now i have only 3 views per day, is this because of my past on fiverr or this is how fiverr works now.
Thanks for reading this post.

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This is how Fiverr works. You cannot – and should not – count on the Fiverr search system to provide all of your buyers. If your gig interest is low, perhaps now is a good time to start marketing and promoting your gigs to the target customers who need your services. You need to be proactive. Don’t sit back and expect success to appear without any active, consistent, and determined marketing efforts.

Deleting your current account, and starting a new one will not guarantee any more success than you have had with this account.


Thanks for Your precious time sir. any tips on finding target customers?

Well, who needs your services? Those would be your customers. Where do you think you might find those customers? Where do they hang out? Those places are where you should target and promote to them.