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Should I delete gig with a bad review?

I have a gig in which I had 2 sales. I had 1 good and 1 totally unfair negative review (Long story). I have good hopes for the future of that gig and I feel like it will sell a lot. Should I delete and create the exact same gig and start from scratch or try to recover this gig with 3.7 star review?

If you are curious about the bad review, here’s the story:


Negative reviews are permanent. They do not go away if you delete the gig that you earned them on. If you choose to create a new gig, that negative review will remain on your account.


Yes i know that, but they will be off my old gig atleast. I think it is harder for buyers to trust a gig with 3.7 star review compared to a gig with no review.

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I disagree. A gig with no reviews looks like a rookie gig – a random, “I wanna make money” service. A gig with reviews shows that you have experience. Build your reputation (which includes lower reviews), don’t try to con people into thinking you are perfect, because, you’re not.

If you get a negative review, post an honest response to that review. A seller response to a negative review, can say a lot about the personality of that buyer. Most buyers that I know would rather base their purchase choices on the personality of the buyer, than an artificial – fake – “I’m the awesomest ever” seller who has nothing but perfect 5-star reviews.


It’s even harder for them to trust a seller who seems to be hiding something. If your overall rating and the ratings on your active/visible gigs don’t match, it will look like you’re hiding something, and potential buyers might see you as dishonest because of that.


Thank you so much, I will try to get good review on this gig itself. It bothered me because the review is unfair and does not rate to work itself.

It’s better to delete that gig instead of telling long stories to everyone.

When you’re confident of your quality, one single negative review can not stop your success. Keep going with your good works.


This is terrible advice. It is better to present your personality, and show your honesty through how you respond to negative reviews, than to run away and hide the truth. Deleting a gig because of a bad review is nothing more than giving up, and trying to hide the truth.

Buyers prefer honest sellers. Insincere sellers who either have no confidence in their work, or seek to scam others, hide the truth from their buyers.

Be an honest seller. Take the good with the bad. No one is perfect.


Your profile looks good, i dont think its needed to remove gig.

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I agree with you. Thanks.

Sir I also got one star negative review what should I do I’m newbie I got this for late response.

According to the review you got (“Order delivered incomplete, after several days of revisions I closed the order. There are too many 10 days to make a page. Thanks and good job”) you have violated Fiverr’s Terms of Service by delivering an incomplete order. You are lucky not to get permanently banned from Fiverr.


I had a first time buyer give me a 3.3 review out of all five stars for one year. Her words were positive but her stars were 3.3 so I was very confused. She actually came back the next day and asked if I would help her with another gig. Then I was really confused. I ended up explaining to her the review process and how important it is to buyers and sellers and feedback should be constructive. The fact that she came right back and wanted me to work with her again told me that her review was not in agreement with her actual feeling. We work together on a second project and she was so grateful that I helped her understand the process. I also was proud of myself for wanting to help her and not feel bitter. I was really taking a risk in working with her again, but I just left it up to the honest truth and I hope other people can learn from this. I wrote a comment on the post and I never posted it because I was so confused and disappointed. I deleted it and just left the post blank. It all works itself out. Like Michelle Obama says “they go low …you go hi.”

Nothing. Your 1-star review is permanent and will remain with your account indefinitely. Also, based on @catwriter, that review appears to be well-deserved. You absolutely MUST deliver complete orders.


Hello Sir i also get 4.3 review on my first order. From this review i cannot accept the buyer requests beacuse it says you have at least 90% positive review. Please help me to solve this problem. My work is stopped.

Today i sold my first gig, even though its my first week on fiverr i did the job perfectly and the customer was amazed by my work, he was a newbie on buying on fiverr and left a 4.3 feedback and didnt know what he did, we talked and tried to find a solution but there was none.
I will leave here just a thing he said to me: “NOTHING IN LIFE IS 10/10” and this changed my mind, accept things the way they are i almost had a heart attack because of this.
Keep up with the good work and never let anyone or anything affect your mood because in the end everything its gonna be alright
i Hope u are doing great by now

I feel this may be easier said. I sought out this topic because recently a buyer gave me 3.3 stars which was so unfair considering all she did before placing an order was send a link. No further information was provided and the messages I sent her went ignored. With that I still put in 100% effort to give her what I thought would fit her blog. If she had requested a revision, I would have swiftly provided one but she literally said nothing.

Even her negative review was not constructive in any way. This makes me very tempted to remove the gig as I feel it taints my hard work.

I think you can reply with an honest answer and state that in your reply to the review.

In the end of the day, we can force customers to give us a 5 - whatever they give we take:)

Hope it helps,
Good luck,