Should I delete my account , advice please?


Hi , my name is obai and i would like to take a couple of minutes to explain my problem .

i joined FIVERR THREE years ago , i created 4 gigs and I made my first 74 dollars within the first 2 weeks …

but then , when i requested my money and got it on my PayPal account , that’s when i knew that PayPal doesn’t support Egyptian banking system and that I wouldn’t be able to receive my money.

what I did back then is to deactivate all of my gigs , hoping someday there would be a PayPal alternative.

3 weeks ago , I i checked back on fiverr and i noticed the fiverr MasterCard then i reactivated and updated my gigs …

but i didn’t get a single order from then.

i know that first orders can be tricky , but the problem is :

"when i open my profile page , it says : 100% positive rating and N/R in my response time .

That NO RESPONSE badge is irritating me and i am pretty sure it has some GREAT negative effect on my sales .

I mean why bother giving money to a seller who doesn’t response

i am available now on fiverr … checking back at least 6 times a day .

i thought about requesting account deletion and creating a new one , and what is holding me is that I have already ordered my MasterCard from this account.

What should I do , should I wait , should I request account deletion or what .

I need some fiverr advice

and thank you in advance



Your gig and profile look fine to me. Deleting and starting over sounds like overkill.

I don’t see your “N/R” issue. But I also don’t see any completed orders. I think once you have an order the N/R should be replaced with your actual response time.