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Should I delete my account or just gigs?

I completed my 5 order with 5-star reviews. But last one month I didn’t get any single message from new clients and my gigs impression, views, clicks everything going down.

In this time what should I do? Should I delete my account and create a new one? Or just delete all gigs and create new gigs?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

What advantage do you expect creating a new account?

Work on your gig. Do some marketing with your gig. Get back to them on track. And most important thing is send 10 buyer request daily.

I am not sure. I need suggestions. What do you think?

Okay I will try as your suggestions. Thanks a lot.

The most important thing in that case is to send EFFECTIVE Buyer Request offers. It is quality of pitches that increases the likelihood of a sale, not the amount of pitches you send, unless they are all of quality.

Are they tailored to the buyer’s needs? Are you a good fit for a buyer’s problem? How do you differ from your competitors? Etc.