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Should i delete my account?

I could not get any order yet. It’s been 2 month so far. What if i delete my account and make new one with same information.


I’m sorry but how would that change or improve your situation? Fiverr is being flooded with brand new desperate sellers every day. You have 14 orders on your profile and a 4.5 star average review. It’s not a fantastic start, but neither is it terrible to the point that salvaging it is impossible.

Wiping your account and starting anew without fundamentally changing anything you do or offer will almost assuredly result in the same outcome.


@enunciator is 100% correct. I know it’s hard not to be discouraged, but my advice would be the same: stick it out with your existing account, but try to improve upon it if you can, and keep growing your skillset.

Best of luck!


I have same Problem, I could not get any order yet. It’s been 2 month so far…


Time isn’t matter here. If no quality changes are made in your profile/gig description/buyer request offers description then it will remain the same. Rather looking into the time concentrate on quality improvements. Stay active, ensure submissions of 10 buyer requests. Best of luck.

Then you’ll be starting from scratch, with zero guarantees you’ll ever get any orders,


Okay finally, i decided not to delete my account. Thank you for sharing your idea guys.

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