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Should I delete my gig with 12 reviews?

I have about 10 gigs. Also about 100 reviews… 1 gig in particular has about 13 reviews, twelve 5 star and a 1 star. It’s currently averaging 4.7 star. The demo is not all that. Should I delete this gig or trying to improve it?

Edit: My reason for this question I’m going to get an order from someone outside of fiverr and I’m planning to direct them to my gig. But not sure if I should try to improve the rating on this one. Cause I haven’t gotten a new buyer contact me for this gig since I got the one star back when I wasn’t serious with fiverr.


Hi Clintd7

If you got an order outside fiverr, why bother to direct them to fiverr?
They will have to pay some fee to make an order from you?
Not every client willing to make an order from fiverr…,

Just my personal opinion. :slight_smile:

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I know but I’m about 15 dollars away from being a level 2 seller and I’m quite eager to see what will happen.

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If you being a level 2 seller then you have chance to upload 10 more new gigs . But one of your gig has 4.7 star, will still have only 4.7 star , nothing change

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I know that. That’s why I’m wondering if I should delete it if it will make a difference.

I don’t think you need to delete it at this moments , because very soon you are being level 2 and you will have chance to upload more gigs . You can delete it after you have an other new gig that better that that one, If you really don’t like your 4.7 star …But you must take care for all your orders in the future , because it’s very easy to get a 4.7 star again If you can not always make buyers satisfied , So It’s not really a good idea to delete every 4.7 star gigs and re-upload

Also I check your gigs , most of your gig just stay with $5 , I think for your future new gigs , you can create order page like that with " Basic , standard , premium " , if you order start with 15 seconds , and for full song etc , it’s very important to create a clean and clear order page … see my sample images …

It’s not always about the REVIEWS but more about your personality. It’s who you are that some buyers who mean business relate with and not gigs directly. If you can proof to the buyer that you possess certain positive values such as a great communication skill, integrity, ability to work under strain, ability to over deliver and above all, motivate and convince every buyers at the point where they are starting to have doubts about your service or themselves, then nothing’s stopping you. Don’t delete the gig at all, its more about you than the gig.

If you’ve got buyers that turned back because you had a single 1 star review, then they were never meant to be your buyers in the first instance.

Thanks for sharing. I´m going to work on it!

Rely appreciate your response. Thank you.

That’s a great idea! Thanks for responding.

I would keep it and improve it. 12 reviews are good!

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I wish you best luck :smiley:

12 review !!! if you delet it, that will be a great mistake . And dont sell outside fiverr , dont forget that you started from fiverr .