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Should I delete my gig with no impressions/ clicks?

I have joined fiverr last year and then I have published some gigs and soon I made some sales but later on I have to take a break from fiverr because of some personal reason. I was inactive for a long time and my gigs were on pause. 3 weeks ago I decided to go back to fiverr because now I am available to work but now my those gigs are not getting enough impressions neither the clicks nor sales. What do forum suggests that should I delete those gigs which are not getting any clicks and publish new ones or wait for some more time?


That wouldn’t change the fundamental reasons you aren’t getting orders.

So I must ammend the gigs? While keeping them?

I’m not telling you do that.

I’m just saying that you think you will perform better just because the gig is recreated. That’s not how sales works.

People buy things because they need them and want them and they aren’t superfluous regardless of how new your gig is.

They reason I have posted a question to forum is that, is there a possibility that my gigs are not appearing in search results any more so thats why they are not making any sales and even clicks, for that matter?