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Should I delete this gig and start over?

So, I have 1 3 star review and since getting it my requests have dropped. They left positive words, but an overall 3 star review. I realize that ultimately my ratings will stay the same and the comment with rating will be there, but is it best to delete that particular gig and start over, or leave it alone?

I think you should not delete the gig as there are many positive reviews 5 stars. Sorry to see you got 3 stars from one client but deleting the gig will not remove the 3 stars from your profile. Use this opportunity to learn and move on.

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On the gig with that review you highlight, in the gig description you say “Standard: Medium Length” twice. I assume the 2nd time is meant to describe the premium package. The 2nd time it says " **Standard: Medium Length…1000 Words" though in the packages section the standard package is 500 words and the premium is 750 so it it doesn’t seem to match what is said in the packages section.

Also the reply to the review you highlighted is giving info on the project that the buyer hasn’t given out publicly. You could just say how the order went without giving info about the project. That might cause some people to not order that gig.

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Delete gig is not good idea. You can get another 5 star review and it will be fixed. May be after 60 days the state will be refreshed, I am not sure but I heared. You should focus your service and quality work. Best of luck.

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