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Should I deliver a project late to create a better customer experience?


Hi, I am a new old seller on Fiverr. I joined Fiverr in 2013 but have recently started using it so in a way I am a new old Fiverr seller. It has been a great experience so far but I am facing an issue when delivering a project. My gig deals with logo design and I usually complete projects on time but sometimes I wait for the customer to approve my designed work before uploading final files to create a better customer experience which is hurting my delivery time stats. Should I wait for the customer to approve my design or should I just deliver my design and wait for the customer to respond?


Yes you can but you will lose your rank


I am worried about the same thing any tips or suggestions that I can use.


You should ask for an extension.


If your customer don’t give you feedback immediately, then I will be wise to do the delivery work, and leave a message to your customer that if any problem occurs, you will correct it soon.


I would like to thank everyone for your suggestions. The client has responded my request for an extension. Special thanks to “uxreview”. It feels good to be part of a community willing to help others suceed.