Should I deliver an order without instructions?


I have a client who has bought several times from me, and we haven’t had problems. This time, he placed an order but didn’t provide instructions.

There are no messages either, so I can’t click “I have all the information I need” and start the order.

IF I refund, it will lower my order completion rate.

So, can I start the order, deliver nothing, and hope for the best? Or could that cause me problems?


I’m guessing you have already messaged this person?
Did she/he reply??

I’m sure delivering an empty order was against TOS…


Could get you into trouble. It’s against the ToS.


The order has not been activated, right?
If the status is still ‘incomplete’, just leave it there. There is still no clock ticking.
You can contact the client and wait for his reply.


Hey, @fastcopywriter! Why not utilize the resolution center to request an extension? Due to the lack of information to buy more time. The others have already stated the obvious so that would be no bueno. Since the client purchased from you in the past without any problems, I’m sure he’ll get the info to you.


What about an order where the buyer is unresponsive and doesn’t provide needed information, but provides some words still, so the timer starts?

Sounds like only way to handle that is to request a cancellation where you ask for additional details, and keep re-sending it, so the order does not get cancelled, unless the buyer accepts it or you ask support to cancel it once you get tired of sending it over and over again.

That would damage your order completion rate, even though it would not be your fault. :thinking:


The issue isn’t an extension because the clock hasn’t started ticking. I’m happy to report that my order completion rate has increased to 90%. So here’s what I’m going to do, until the evaluation period is over, I won’t refund this order. If I refund, I’ll be back to 89%.

Three times on separate dates.

Great question, if the only words I get are “I’m opening a restaurant” then I’ll figure something out on my own. If he or she writes “Hi” and nothing else, that’s a little scary. So far that hasn’t happened to me.


Wow, that’s awesome! :tada: Only a few more days to go!



Dangerous… thing


Huh? :thinking: You didn’t read the thread.

What do you mean? Users in this thread didn’t mention anything remotely close to buying or selling reviews. Besides, it’s against Fiverr’s ToS.


It’s dangerous for me too if I explain it?


That’s exactly how I feel.

I didn’t know that “client name’s order has been marked automatically as complete” improved our order completion rate. I’m so glad it does.

No it’s not. The worst that can happen is your post gets flagged. The absolute worst is getting banned from the forum for a few days, but that only happened to me once.

I think I understand what you’re talking about. You’re saying that if I deliver an order without doing the work, it will look like I paid for the review.

I disagree because this is a buyer that has bought from me 5 additional times, only this time he’s ignoring me. Maybe he’s in the hospital? Vacation? I don’t know.

I decided I will refund his order, but only once my order completion rate reaches 91%.


If the order has not yet started just let it sit there until eventually he responds and the order starts. Why cancel an order that never started? He must have gotten distracted by some kind of personal event in his life and will come back when he has the time.


@misscrystal is right no need to cancel the order, there are 3 order in my active order list that never started. I had few more in past which automatically removed by system after certain amount of time.


@sparx_intros If you get an order without instructions - why don’t you ask for instructions, rather than leave the orders pending. I’ve not understood why sellers just leave them sitting there instead of taking action on them…


I’ve had similar situations, where I sent a reminder for the buyer to send order instructions but they just never responded. I have an order from a while back still sitting in my queue even after I sent the buyer a reminder to start the order. It’s only $5, but it really kind of irks me…


I had one like that - I asked for requirements on several occasions over the space of several weeks - I never did get a reply from the buyer. :sunny:


No, you can’t deliver this order until he marked the order start.


I asked but didn’t get reply from buyer so I left them as it is instead of canceling.


May be it is a kind of site bug, I don’t think any seller engage their money for no reason.