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Should I deliver the files or wait?

Hello Fiverr Community,

I have a question I am confused about. I have an order for print media design such as business card, flyer and banners etc.
I was a bit late in sending the design drafts to buyer which I accept that it was my fault but the designs are approved by the buyer and she is happy.
The order is in late category and I sent her a order time extension request but she said why should she because I was late obviously. Why the order should not be labeled late when it was.
I agree with her but after all it was a humble request that she accepted the time extension request because the final designs are approved.
I sent her(not delivered yet) the print ready files which she asked(which I took a big risk) and now I am waiting for her to get news from her printer that the files are good.
My Question is that the order is in late category and it shows she can cancel the order. Should I deliver the files ? Or wait ?
I am a bit confused because I took a big risk of sending her print ready files and she wouldn’t accept a simple time extension request.

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Hi Jd, once you’re completely done with an order, you should deliver. No need to take a hit to your stats if you did your job and can deliver on time.

If you didn’t do something according to you gig specifications or custom offer agreement, or your work has errors, the buyer can request a revision.
According to Fiverr’s help pages, sellers aren’t timed on revisions, even if it says “LATE” on the order page, as long as the original delivery was on time.

Just make sure you never deliver an incompletely done order, that’s not allowed.

Thanks a lot. I will do that.

If you have revisions on your gig, you must deliver and she must request or hit revision, if she needs further time. 'Deliver!" if you are late. I never send end copies to anyone before delivery. There is too much theft here. If you have made her a graphics design screenshot always first, if the customer needs to check if they are happy.

Yes I figured that.

Yes she is happy. I kept sending her jpg files and she kept asking for changes until the final version.
I will deliver the files because in the past one buyer cancelled the order and I was left with nothing.

Thank you.