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Should i deliver the final design inbox or no?


should i deliver the final design inbox or no ?
I send an overlook but some people want the final design , so what to do ?


Orders are delivered on the order page, via the “Deliver Now” button.

Anything you send through the inbox isn’t recognized as a delivery by the system.


If you’ve got an order, always deliver it through the order page, never the inbox!


Damn - you were quick there @catwriter - you beat me to it!


You can create your own watermark and attach to the final product when you send it through the inbox so they can’t use your work. That’s what I do when some buyers prefer to see the work first before they order.


Great idea , I will do it


You can do as you wish!

  • Your order will only be marked as delivered if done through the order page!

:bulb: Joe