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Should I direct message to buyers from buyer request? Is it safe for my account?

Some days before, I got a warning from Fiverr for direct messaging to buyers from buyer requests. But my friends are doing this and getting orders. Can someone suggest to me, what should I avoid while the direct messages to buyers from buyer requests?



If Fiverr has warned you against doing an action, then you should probably not do that action. Regardless of what your friends are doing…


Assuming Fiverr has cautioned you against doing an activity, you ought to likely not do that activity. Despite what your companions are doing. thanks

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Don’t direct message buyers at all. That’s how you avoid getting a warning for unsolicited messaging buyers.

Your friends should knock it off too or else they’ll receive warnings as well if they tick off a buyer who knows the rules or doesn’t want to deal with unreqested seller messaging.


How are you even able to direct message buyers? I don’t think you can. Fiverr disabled this awhile back. Anyway, don’t do it


Maybe it is a buyer/seller? Other than that, it shouldn’t be possible, I think.

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If you are a seller+buyer then people will able to send you direct message

Being able to doesn’t mean one should.

Direct messaging someone who is both a buyer and a seller should only be done in regards to possibly placing an order, with them being the seller and you being the buyer.

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As a new seller I didn’t know that and for this I got that warning. Thanks all for giving your hand.

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@enunciator you should give your other hand while you’re at it :smile: :rofl:


I think you shouldn’t do it bro, it’s risky for your account :slightly_smiling_face:

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Same happened with me