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Should I do this or not?

A buyer is asking for some work done, before the order. Buyer is not my past customer. The work asking is kind of related to the order which is about to order.

I can do it but will I get this order? What should I do?

I have a policy of not doing any custom work for a new customer before an order has been placed. I’m happy to send additional samples of my previous work and to answer any questions, but I just won’t do work specifically for that client until there is an order. If the client is serious about ordering from you, they should have no problem with placing the order now and compensating you for any work they want done.

Don’t do it! I get a lot of requests like this and if they don’y order after twice being informed (politely) that I don’t start work until an order has been placed I just move on. I’ve done work for several people in the past like this and hardly any of them ever ordered in the end. They just disapeared.

I would say that it would depend on the order. And the time involved in the work.

If it is a 5-10 minute job, do it… BUT make sure that you have a huge watermark on the final output. No free deliveries. He will know the work is done but until he places the order, don’t send him anything without a watermark.

If the work that you have been asked to do takes a long time, then ask him to place the order first.

You are supposed to do the work AFTER the buyer orders not before.

yes, I was thinking the same. Thanks for your reply.

oh really? this is my first time. Thanks for your reply.

but the thing is, that work can’t be watermarked. Thanks for your reply.

yes, I sent a custom offer. Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: