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Should I do this with buyers?

I have some buyers that promised to get back to me in few days after they’ve compiled the necessary documents for the job. Unfortunately, they don’t message me and they’re not online since our first conversation.

MY QUESTION IS THIS; Is it proper to remind a client about the work s/he promised to give you after a successful conversation?


No. Never do this. They will contact you if they are still interested.


What if they have forgotten because I noticed most of them are new buyers on fiverr?

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Yes, you can. You have had conversations with them before and there is absolutely nothing wrong in reaching out to them again. Reminders don’t hurt nobody.


If they forgot that means they do not want to hire you. Don’t bother them please. They will not appreciate it.


So you can not let them get rid of you so easily?

How would you know if they didn’t want to hire you? Is there anything they can do to let you know that?


I only reach out to buyers I KNOW ask me to send them an offer. I had to do that this week; just to make sure he even saw the custom offer. He told me he was thankful I reached back out. Of course, this is a client I’ve been working with for two years now.

As for new buyers, I don’t do it unless I am asked to do so.


How would you know if they wanted to hire you but got caught up with a lot of other things?

If after sending the first and second reminder and there is no response, then it is clear they never wanted the service or perhaps found someone else. At this point, you can gladly move on knowing you have done your best in trying to convert a potential client.


If the buyer hasn’t asked you to contact them, and you don’t know them well enough to know they’d like you to contact them, then any message sent to them has to be considered unsolicited.


If they wanted to hire you they would hire you. If they don’t want to hire you then you won’t hear from them.

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That is a personal opinion, doesn’t make it right or wrong.

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This is the accepted way of doing business here. If someone doesn’t want to hire you they expect that if they don’t contact you, you realize they are not interested in hiring you.

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Because you know them well enough it is solicited but if you don’t know them it is unsolicited. Wonderful!

That’s not what I said. Read my post more carefully.

They should be able to leave a conversation and expect the seller won’t bother them again, and understand they are not interested in hiring them. This is what happens in polite society.

Is it? Point me to anywhere in the TOS that says I can’t inbox someone who initiated a conversation about my gig or service

What you are describing is considered spamming them.

Can’t someone message you without you then sending multiple messages to them in effect disturbing them and annoying them? That is spam.

You are crossing their boundaries.

If they report you for that you will have your messaging ability blocked.

Understand it is not ok to bother or disturb people with unwanted messages.


I’ll clarify my earlier post a little: Sometimes in a relationship, a person makes it clear, overtly or covertly, that they don’t mind being contacted. It’s hard to consider messages to such people (within reason) as being unsolicited. Other people you may know haven’t really made it clear they’re happy to be contacted. Messages to such people could, within many contexts, be considered unsolicited. IMO, this is one of those contexts, but I do totally get where you’re coming from. I realise this is a grey area somewhat open to interpretation.

@Datwriterguy, you’re a very successful Fiverr seller. Do you often contact buyers in situations like the OP mentioned?

You absolutely don’t understand what spamming is. The conversation was initiated by the buyer concerning my business. We had a conversation and according to the first post, they required sometime to get things together.

There is nothing wrong in sending a simple message after about some days saying:
Hello username,
Concerning our last conversation, were you able to get bla bla bla.
If there is anything I can help with, please let me know.

I do not see how any sane business person would consider this spamming. If after sending this message and you do not get a reply, Move on. If you keep sending this message repeatedly without any response then sure you are crossing the limit and can now be considered a spammer.


You should ask customer support if you can reach out to people who have messaged you previously about possibly buying your service and who stopped talking to you without buying.

See what they say about it.

Or the alternative is keep doing it and hope they don’t complain about you.

I wouldn’t want to be forced by a seller to have to tell them outright no I don’t’ want to buy their service and stop messaging me.

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