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Should I do this?


Not sure if this is the right forum to ask but none of the others seemed quite right either. I have a potential buyer that wants me to do one job for free before he orders more. Part of me has a big problem with this, but part of me understands wanting to do a test run. The gig is for 3 logo re-draws and he would like to see 1 before he buys the gig. For only $5 it doesn’t seem like much of a risk but I’m new here and don’t want to make a bad name for myself either. I’m torn! Opinions?


Ok, I think the watermark idea is good advice. I guess I’d rather find out he doesn’t quite like the results with this one then spend time doing 3 and have him satisfied and leave negative comments. Thank you, this helps a lot.


Well… I definitely learned a lesson, lol! After I provided the sample exactly as requested (and spent a good deal of time on it) he seemed dissatisfied and came back with even MORE detailed instructions and added more work to the original request. Way more work than what anyone would do for $4. I gave him some search results that might be a better match for what he is looking for.




Generally I ignore requests from people who ask for free samples. The price is cheap enough anyway on most gigs.


I’m asked for free samples time and time again. I simply point people in the direction of my online samples, with no way to contact me. Most are happy with that but some will contact me saying that they want something specific to make sure my work is genuine. I tell them that they will have to pay for a trial - like I do clients elsewhere (although elsewhere it’s a lot more than $5).

I’m sorry you found you have a bad experience in the end but at least you didn’t end up with a buyer threatening to leave bad feedback and, if you used the watermark, you prevent him/her from using your work without paying.


I did use a watermark. Glad I read that advice.