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Should I edit my gig? Please help!

Hi, all. How are you doing?

First of all, please check my gig:

I created this gig when I was just starting Fiverr. I didn’t have a good idea about creating good gigs. As you can see, the gig is not professional looking. I have already completed at least 5 orders through this gig. I am thinking about editing the gig. I want to edit everything. I know changing title will not change the URL. Will it affect gig’s SEO? Now, what can I do? Should I make another gig? Suggest me what you are thinking.
Thank you.

In your cover image, try to use a 2D font, since a 3D font not done well makes it look old/unprofessional, and use a solid colour as the background. Also, be more descriptive in your gig options.

Thank you for your suggestion. I am also thinking about doing these. But my question is, if I edit, will it be harmful for my gig’s ranking?

Please help me anyone. I want to fully edit my gig. I mean title, description, pricing etc. Should I do this?