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Should I even bother opening up another ticket?


Should I even bother opening up another ticket? Basically, i’ve had a few minor errors that don’t seem to interfere with my gigs or anything like that, but they’re annoying and won’t go away. Fiverr said they will deal with it within a week’s time. Guess what? It’s been almost four months. The current one is an order that just won’t cancel or clear, or anything for that matter. The buyers never provided information in regards to them and the gig was long since deleted as noone seemed all too interested in it or buyers had unrealistic expectations. Thoughts? Think if I open another ticket maybe someone will do something this time?


Reply to @kjblynx: I’ll see what happens. I’m just more worried that it will end up breaking my account or causing more issues down the line for me by simply having it ignored. It’s oddly a bug that shouldn’t even exist this late into a websites development. Kind of worry-some in my opinion.


i have a 3 old month ticket, still waiting… not really. i gave up depending on customer support. Take matters into your own hands, someone messed up ? Eat their cookies.