Should i give up and go to work?


i just wasted 1 week of my time just waiting for customer. i still have no sales.Not even 1. I remember the first day doing my gig, i was so excited. finally i can do what i love and make money. But not same as i expected. hrmm


Did you “just wait” for your job IRL life to happen? Quit whining.


Alright. will do my best, maybe i need a lot of improvement on my gigs. will give myself another 1 week. wish me luck. Thanks :slight_smile:


Keep working on your gig. Compare your services to others and try to figure out why you are not having any success. Personally, I feel like your gig’s graphic covers are kind of weak and could use some work. Continue comparing yourself to others and ask people who are in a similar field as you. Figure out what they did and go from there.
Also, your profile seemed kind of weak to me. I tried to edit it a bit. Up to you whether you use it or not, haha. Makes no difference. I left it bellow. Best of luck!

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This is something you should try out and keep working on it as you do whatever other job or income producing activity for your income. It can take possibly years before you earn a good steady income.


Wow, Thank you for your advice and suggestion on how to make my gigs more efficient.
Also thanks for the improvement and addition on my profile bio. yes , i’ll definitely use it. :smiley:


Thanks for the advice, now i feel so much better ! yes, hardwork pays off


You should not only rely on fiverr as your main income considering that you are only a new freelancer. Go to your job and work part time in fiverr.


Hi, if you really want it so badly to be succesful here, work on your gig (improve it, promote it, etc). If you don´t really want it so badly I guess you can just hang out here for as long as you want/can without doing nothing. It´s all up to you. If you have another job keep it for now so you will still have income. You see that girl named Esthernyambura who commented earlier? She has never complained and she is one of the examples that newbies Do get buyers. You just need to be more patient and keep working on the things you need to work on (if you really love/want it so badly).