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Should i go with option Out of office?

Hi guys. I am new on Fiverr, today is my 21 day. I got only 4 sales until now. Basicaly I get one offer per week, without promoting my gigs. In 2 days i’m going on vacation for 8 days so I was wondering should i put myself into out of office mode? Or there is no need since i not geting much offers. And I am afraid my gigs will lose raiting or smt like that if i turn them off… What should i do? I will have internet on my vacation so maybe i can finish a job if a get hiered so maybe is better not to go into out of office mode…


If not very much necessary, don’t use this option. Thank you

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You may loose rank! I won’t use it!


i’m also agree with you

If you are not going to check daily, you run the risk of more issues if you miss a message and your response rate goes down or you miss an order completely.

I put my gigs on OOO when i went on a cruise trip for 8 days because my phone wouldn’t get reception out at the sea. If it wasn’t for that fact I would’ve simply left it on an extended my delivery time a week (so instead of 7 days it would be 14 days).

I believe turning on OOO will remove your gig from the search, which in turn will remove it from the current position it’s holding. I didn’t notice any effect on my gigs cuz when I returned a had a couple returning buyers waiting for me.