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Should I inbox companies on Instagram to buy my services?

Hey there, I just recently created my new gig for Instagram Post design.

I was thinking if I sent message to growing companies on Instagram to by saying they can increase there Audience or Audience engagement by Attractive Posts.
And give them a call to Action by visiting my Fiverr profile or gig.

Should I do this?
Is this helpful?
or will get wrong and I may become blocked by the buyers?


You may find yourself blocked, or marked as spam by Instagram or users on Instagram. It is unwise to send other people “buy my service” messages. Spam are messages sent without permission of the person to whom the message(s) are sent. Never send spam. If someone needs your services, they’ll contact you.

You can increase the chances of other people seeing your services by running ads, blogging about your service, and other call-to-action methods. Sending messages and emails is not the way to go.


This is usually more wrong than slapping your grandma.

There are contexts where direct messaging can be effective. However, most people just find this annoying.


Thank you, so much Jonbaas.
Your replay is really very helpful. I really appreciate for taking time to Answer it.

Could you please help me, how can I promote my gig?



Thanks Cyaxrex…
Yes, you are right. I myself find this Annoying.


Of course not.

No one wants to get spammed. That’s not how prospecting works.


I’ve already listed some promotional ideas in my previous post. You can do a little research online to find plenty of additional marketing ideas that might also be useful to you.


I think the concept is: why research if I can ask people here to spoon feed me the information I want?


The sad thing is, I (and others) have provided tips and information to the vast majority of newbie sellers here on the forums, and none of it ever gets put into practice. Most of those sellers ask for help, and then never follow through on the advice they are given. It is almost as if those new sellers aren’t willing to take any actions – from advice or otherwise – and are expecting those who offer advice to also offer guarantees of success, and make that success happen for those new sellers.

It doesn’t work that way, and, unfortunately (for them) it is never going to work that way.

New sellers: The only thing we can offer is advice. We cannot guarantee you success, and we cannot ensure that you become successful. That’s just not how this works. The only sellers that find success here, are those who take what they learn, and put it into action. We cannot do that for you. You are the master of your own gigs. YOU are the only person who can build your gigs, connect to your market, and earn orders.

If you want to become successful, it’s not going to happen here on the forums. It is only going to happen on your gigs, as a result of the actions YOU take.

Be ambitious. No one is going to be ambitious for you.


Yes, it depends on the quality and skill of the work they put in. You can’t override that with a magic trick and we can’t hand sales to you. The vast majority of those sellers want quick fixes with little to no skilled effort. They just want to “be online 24/7” and then POOF a sale.


Reaching out to your audience organically is probably way more useful than spamming messages that will automatically get blocked by filters or get you blocked.

I’ve used my personal social media accounts once in a blue moon to put the word out there that I’m available on Fiverr. Although it’s never gotten me anything from my direct followers as that isn’t what I use my social media for, it has helped me find second/third degree leads which often don’t end up going through Fiverr. Still - have only done it maybe once or twice to not annoy people.


He could also get an account warning (or get permanently banned) if someone is annoyed enough to report him to Fiverr.


Thanks Jonbass. Yes, You are right.

People just want to get success overnight or by some little effort.

Actually, people join by seeing Success Stories of Level 2 or Top rated sellers. They don’t see the effort and hard work behind it, that’s why people are so desperate to earn money.

As a New Seller, I joined the community to work hard in the area that works, (like you saw my this Conversation I asked this before doing). Instead of wasting my time in less useful approaches, I want to work properly.

Yes, you are right Success is not Guaranteed.

And Honestly this forum is Actually very helpful, I didn’t know the consequences could be so bad.

Thank you so much @cyaxrex, @catwriter, @humanissocial, @modesoflydia and @jonbaas for your help and support. Highly Appreciated.

Thanks Fiverr! & Fiverr Forum!


I am not a marketing expert, but you can do this:
Follow all the businesses on Instagram. See their posts. Like their posts. Comment on their posts. Try to build a connection with them. Try to find EXACT NEEDS of them. Once you do that, analyse what’s common needs in all. Then you can post a post on Instagram mentioning them and then maybe you can get some orders.

This requires time. That’s why people tend to hire marketing professionals to do this task.

Let me know if you have something else in mind or if you need any help, DM me any time :slight_smile:

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really very useful post.thanks

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They have probably hired someone possibly on fiverr to manage their instagram accounts and will never see or notice your posts or likes.

Inboxing them to buy your services is spam.