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Should I increase gig prices?


I am a level 2 seller with 200+ reviews and 300+ orders. My rating on Fiverr is 5 stars and my other statistics are good too. I am selling my gigs for the same prices since I joined Fiverr 10 months ago. Should I increase prices and by how much?


I think you should take a look at what your competitors are offering as their gig price, consider your expertise and uniqueness of your delivery.

When you must have done that, you’d be convinced whether or not to increase your prices.

Consider this also, would you rather have lesser number of clients that would pay higher or more number of clients that would pay lesser? That said, feel free to experiment.


Thanks. I was thinking about experimenting. My plan is to start from slightly higher prices and increase them or decrease them accordingly.


By offering packages tweak your price
but not directly change base price of your gig

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A steep increase wouldn’t be good for your repeat buyers, so you’d just be right to increase the prices slightly and watch the effect over time. Good luck!


Absolutely, you have too many gigs at $5 and only one at $25.

If you’re hesitant, start with a $10/$20/$30 pricing structure. See how it goes, then try $20/$30/$40. If you offer 24 hour delivery, upgrade that price as well. If they can pay $40 for a project, they can pay $40 more for $24 hour delivery.


Thanks. I will experiment with these prices and see how it goes.

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