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Should I increase my basic gig price?

Recently I’ve made a research and saw that all of the top gigs in my categories are starting from 10$+.I am the only one in the first 2-3 rows with a basic price of 5$.Should I increase it to 10$?Suggest me please.


It’s entirely up to you how you price your gigs. :sunny:


It’s up to you! Please use conversation category.


Well spotted! Moved. :slightly_smiling_face:


If you are getting enough orders then i would say there is no need to change , sometimes this little change affect your gig ranking.


If you don’t have a lot of orders yet then it might be interesting to keep it at a low price for now. Once you have more reviews and orders you can consider raising the price to be equal with your competitors :slight_smile:


If you have more orders that you can do or you spend more time than you would like, then raise the prices. :wink:
If you don’t have that much orders, then keep for now.
But there is always third option - you know you’re service is good enough, you raise prices and you will maybe get even more orders than before. :wink:


Thanks to all of you guys!I am confused because I am currently one of the top in my category.And people with 30-100 reviews are ranked better than me and they are with 10$ basic gig price.So that’s why I am asking.

Do what you need to do, and charge what what you feel you are worth in this market.

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When I raised my prices, I didn’t get orders for like 2weeks. But later, I picked up an worked less, earned more. It’;s up to you.