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Should I increase my Rates?

Like many on Fiverr I offer the basic Gig for $5 and up. I have been told from more then one source that I need to increase my rates so that I will get more buyers looking for a professional experience, better quality buyers and make more money. I have been on Fiverr for more then 8 months and have almost 35 orders so far. I’m not sure this is the right thing to do as I don’t want to price my self out of getting work. Sales have been slow lately but I have heard stories of some voice over artists getting large paying orders from big Company’s that have started using Fiverr. If true, the gig asking $50 for 100 words may get a better chance of getting an order then a gig asking for $5 for 100 words. What are your thoughts? Thanks.

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Well, my point of view about raising prices is simple:
Raise prices if:

  1. You get more orders than you can hadle.
  2. If you are in a position to be able to risk it. (You can fail and lose sells or you can succeed and get into higher budget class)
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