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Should I introduce my self as a mom and a graphic designer

Hey there! I am shams, wife of mwie but he is working so I am handling this account alone. Mawieshams stands for a collaboration of our names.

This account was created a years ago. However, I decided to activate this again due to Pandemic struggle. No money after recieving a termination letter due to how I rejected our medical director on giving me a nursing job in our clinic. I was afraid to be infected so I declined as an infection control nurse offer that leads me into termination. I even explain how I have a 2 years old son but they say they can’t find or hire a nurse.

Now, I am jobless. Struggling to have money and praying hard to god that we can survive the financial needs me and my husband going through. We’re both expat anyway.

Before, I own a simple and small indie publishing online but had stop it for financial problem. I am the graphic designer and video editor of my publishing house that’s why I used this skills now in fiverr and hope someday. I’ll be having a lot of client here.