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Should I just go ahead and cancel?


I am not sure which category to put this in, but here it goes:

So several months ago, I decided to block a buyer since he/she was just getting a bit too much to deal with. (a repeat buyer BTW) He couldn’t message me, but he can still place orders, sadly.

This morning I got an order from this person and he showed me an image saying “You worked on this image for me about 12 months ago…” The image did look familiar, but I was sure it was NOT with this buyer, since the first purchase he made was last August. I get the feeling he might have created a new account so he can contact me.
(I remember cutting contact with this other guy since he was troublesome to deal with.)

Whether it is the same guy or not, I just want to go ahead and cancel this gig since I don’t want to deal with him anymore, but this guy placed TWO separate orders for the same gig for some reason, and right now my completion rate is 97%. I’m terrible at math, but if I cancel these 2 orders, will my completion rate still be over 90%? I do have another separate translation gig on the side, and that will be completed soon.


It depends on the the number of orders you completed within last 60 days. You can go to your analytics section and do the calculation using the number of orders completed.

Order Completion Rate = (Total Order Received - Cancelled Orders)*100 / Total Order Received

Note that all figures should be counted for last 60 days.

If you have completed over 100 orders in last 2 months, cancellation of just 2 orders will only drop your rate by 2% i.e. it will be 95%.

Hope it’s clear.


I can sell 1,000 gigs in a month or 2,500. Fiverr just takes one off me for any single gig I deliver late or cancel. Take the complex math outside and feed it to an Emu.

Everything counts as 1 point. If you cancel these orders, you will be reduced to 95% orders completed


I think you should be ok if you delete these two but as others have said, it depends on your total completed orders for 60 days. If your delivery time is long enough you can try cancelling only one and see what happens to your rate, and if it looks ok only then go ahead and cancel the other one.


BTW Happy Forum-a-versary!


Happy Forum Anniversary MissC, seems we joined on the same day :stuck_out_tongue:


What if you cancel these 2 orders and he places another 2 new orders again?
Infinite loop.


Nothing can be done about that unless you contact support. This is one of the downsides of Fiverr.


Hello people, thank you all for your comments!

I went ahead and asked for mutual cancellation.
It ended up being pretty easy, he asked for a $50 gig for $10, when I told him the
price he asked me to cancel. OK, sure no problem.
My rating seems fine for now. :slight_smile:

Will he contact me again? Maybe. I’ll deal with that later on when he does.
I hope he doesn’t though!!!


You’re too kind.

I just had a buyer message to ask if I could do something. I said no. The buyer then started asking other questions which I thought was odd. I go make lunch, come back and find that the buyer has ordered without providing instructions, just to get me answer their last question.

Buyer: Ok, then please cancel this order, I don’t need it.

Me: Sorry, I can’t do that. Hence the notice on my gig page, " IMPORTANT: DO NOT ORDER PRIOR TO READING THE BELOW FAQ SECTION! - I DO NOT ISSUE REFUNDS"

Buyer: What?

Me: If you would like to tell me what you need, I will be happy to deliver on what I say I do in my gig description. Otherwise, I’m afraid you would have to see if Fiverr CS can cancel this for you.

So far, none of the chimps I have problems like this with have managed to find their way to CS. As a result, I have a 100% order completion rate at present.

Don’t let monkeys like this ruin your life even a little bit. Be firm and you’ll actually help them evolve into more civilized, thoughtful, and much less exploitative people in future.


Hi @zeus777,

I recently canceled two orders this month and my completion rate dropped only %1. If you or anyone has done more than 50 orders in the past month there’s nothing to worry about. Contrary to all the people complaining, the cancellation system seems kinda fair when you think about it.


Luckily I got 2 orders after I canceled, so I guess I’m OK for now.
I guess I was a bit paranoid.
I did say I don’t really care about the TRS badge as long as I can maintain a good
amount of orders a few months ago, but now that judgement day is coming closer
I’m starting to think that if I had the option, I want to hold onto that badge!


Hmmm…I might need to use that…


I sooo get how you feel. I really didn’t care about cancelling orders but right now I really just want my 10 next reviews to be sparkling (currently at 990 reviews - the tension is insane)


That’s my philosophy for life in general.

@cyaxrex How do you handle the ones who want much more than they paid for if you never cancel?


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They now just get what they’re given. I already over deliver on orders. Asking for more for less just rude.

I don’t even discuss the matter. A buyer the other day ordered a video and sent me a link to a videohive template asking me to use it and use a garbled recording of a radio commercial as the voice over.

I didn’t say anything. I just delivered a video of my own creation in my own style. Thankfully, the 3.3 star review the buyer left me sits underneath the video I created for them and as far as I’m concerned, they got a steal.

I do not negotiate with terrorists. End of.


You have nerves of steel. I will try that the next time it happens.


After the 2 cancellation, my rating went down to 92%.
Still safe, I guess! I still have 2 orders to work on so I guess I’ll get that one last little bump at the end. And yes, I want my reviews to be all sparkly and 5 stars too!