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Should I just tell him?

This isn’t really a rant. It’s a conversation piece which will likely sound a bit derogatory but I thought this would be the best place to put it. Anyway, I have a regular buyer who keeps asking me to write SEO articles to help bump up one of his clients websites on Google. Now, he’s not (yet) accusing me of doing anything wrong, but he’s mentioned a few times now how he really needs to get his clients website off page 6 and up to the top spot on Google.

The problem? It’s never going to happen. The website itself looks like an early 2000’s put together, looks bland and uninteresting and is just plain bad. In this case, only a complete redesign + the content I have so far created is going to shift it from page 6 of Google.

The only question is, should I tell my buyer this? I don’t offer these services so it’s not like I’m trying to crack a few new money eggs. Rather, I get the feeling that my buyer is a supposed ‘SEO Web Marketing Firm’ who knows jack about SEO, outsources everything to Fiverr and now has a client on his back saying something like “WTF? Why the hell am I paying you?”

Of course, none of that is my business. My only problem is that I can kind of feel the tension starting to simmer under the surface and I think that there is a possibility that my buyer might eventually take the continued failure of the website in question out on me.

So… Should I just tell my buyer, (nicely) that he needs to get his act together and go right back to the drawing board with his website? Or should I just keep accepting his money while knowing that he’s never going to get the results he wants? I look forward to your insights.

One Word. No. Do what you are paid to do, that’s it.

Not because you should make money off him, but telling him what’s wrong would be like invading into his domain, which he might find insulting. If he doesn’t get the results he wants, he will quietly go away. But he won’t be insulted.

Your right. Also taking your advice previously has made me a lot of money so I’m even more inclined to take it now. My only real beef is that this guy is throwing $80-$100 at me each month and I feel bad knowing he’s basically wasting it.

You’re a freelance writer, who just happens to know about SEO, which is great, but I agree. Do what you are paid to do.

Oh… and that $80-$100 is not wasted. I’m sure you’re doing a great job.

Nope, keep draining him dry of $, I mean it’s fairly obvious that he’s just a middleman, outsourcing, scammer, he’s probably charging these “clients” 2-5 times the amount you are, at best I would try and find out who his clients actually are, try and dig up some dirt and if you are successful, contact them and tell them exactly what he’s doing, chances are they will drop him like the dead weight he is and take you on instead! Can’t hurt to give it a go, I do it all the time, LOL. :slight_smile:

I definitely wouldn’t suggest that.

I know of an extremely successful website that uses the old style of web design. They have a very high rank in Google so the design itself is not the main thing Google looks at.
As others have said just do the job and keep quiet about the miserable website.

Yeah, I too use a website which hasn’t changed its design since 2005 but this can only work in certain niches and the site in question definitely needs a full revamp considering its target audience. I’m just going to deliver as expected though and keep quiet like everyone has suggested.

I work for a lot of people who have exactly the same problem (i.e. they’re trying to optimize a website through content alone) but it’s only because this client is so regular that I feel inclined to help.

Any attempt at help in this way would be met with an ego block by them-- running into someone’s ego who thinks you are personally insulting them rather than trying to help or correct a problem for them.

You feel bad knowing he’s basically wasting it. He pretends to be the expert however in reality it is you who is the expert here. As a repeat buyer who trusts your expertise, does he not deserve a little bit of additional insight from you?

So you’d rather both you and other ppl be ripped off by these ppl for your hard work? I mean that’s essentially what they do, they do absolutely ZERO work and cash in on yours, that’s fine if you don’t care but I know I do! I’ve successfully managed to weed out at least 5 of these clowns on here and taken their clients due to my own due diligence, basically once I told, showed and proved I was the one doing the actual work, they dropped those fools like rocks in the ocean and rightfully so!
But hey, if you want to be ripped off, by all means, that’s your prerogative!
You’re either the wolf or the sheep! :slight_smile:

I really want to know more about how you do this. i.e. doesn’t this fall under the terms of not communicating with clients outside of Fiverr? I’m not judging. I really like the idea. The only problem is, I wouldn’t want to start fishing for my clients clients until I was 100% sure I wasn’t going to commit any TOS violations.

Google recently announced that they love responsive website. No matter how good your content is, if your website is not up to date in terms of web design and structure, your rankings may never improve.

Being said that, you are a writer. If he ever wants an explanation on why he is not getting the results, you can throw all the arguments in. Until then, you can keep delivering your product.

It is not your job to boost the rankings of a website. SEO has way too many factors to take care of. You just can’t rely on the content itself to push your website magically up on Google without doing anything else.

You are exactly right. In fact, it’s frightening how many businesses seem to be throwing money at completely uneducated middlemen who in turn think that they can get a website to the top of google in a few weeks with $5 backlinks and content.

I can vouch for a fact that a LOT of people are building SEO service websites based off of rewrites of others. God knows what their actual SEO service is like, as I’ve had clustered, hastily C&P’d content from websites offering the same services with slight variations in methods. Not exactly my job to clean that up–the brief never mentions this, just to “make it unique”–but you go look a while later when it’s all online and it’s just been tpasted into some WP blog theme and…

…lulz. They’re all very “competitively priced”, too.

Same here. I’ve got a file of about 50 SEO/web design articles which I keep tweaking (in a legal way) to make unique and sell to these people when they come along.

I suppose that there is a bit of a worry in a way, that when these websites clients finally do cotton on to the fact that they are (in many cases) wasting their money, we writers on Fiverr might experience a sudden drop in sales to resellers.

Mind you, I have one semi-regular who doesn’t like my prices and so only gets me to do complex/premium writing for one of his clients. When I get these orders and visit the clients website I’m then shocked by the abysmal work they have been putting up in my absence. It’s really god-awful and if the end client can’t spot that then they deserve to be taken for a ride and perhaps never will wake up to the fact that they are being strung along.

It looks like I am the minority here but I feel like I’d tell him. Truthfulness goes a long way I think.

There will always be a newfangled technology/buzzword/trend for these type of people to target for an easy buck.

I really like it when they want me to make it sound like they are a large, professional agency, but not too large and professional, because they also have the personal touch of a (etc).

C’mon guys! You can’t have both! There was one who had a “core” team (i.e. him) with “worldwide personally curated professionals” working under his aegis to ensure “top quality work” was always available.

Translation: “I outsource your shit on Fiverr for $5-10 a pop and hope that it’s not awful, and if it is, I will turn into a modern-day Hitler.”

Ah well, nvm.

witer99025 “No. Do what you are paid to do, that’s it.” –
Makes a good point.

I however did end up being faced with this problem and well … yes it’s true I’ve not had $$ from them since. And I think they “moved on from that project”.
So … You can go with that gut or keep chasing the dollar … =D

TLDR: Honest people lose in this scenario =)