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Should i keep going or is it just pointless?


I published my first Gig 11 days ago and hours later i got my first order. i was really happy with it and the buyer left a tip and a great 5 stars review that made me so proud of my work and got more confident.
5 days later i didn’t get any orders so i went to buyer requests and started to send offers to the requests that related to my Gig. i sent over 30 Offers and I’ve got nothing. 4 days later one of them messaged me and accepted my offer and it was a big one for me as it was a $30 work. even though it was supposed to be $50 but i was actually happy doing it and the buyer didn’t need any revisions she was happy with my work and gave me my second 5 stars review.
Now, i want to be sure that i’m in the right way and if there is a good future for me based on this or was it only by luck or because of the low price?? i want to know if those 2 reviews will make it easier for me to get more orders or it wouldn’t affect and i will wait months to get the next order? i want to work hard and i don’t like to pause like this… should i make any changes in my Gig? i just want to know if i should keep going or is it just pointless…
you can have an idea of my Gig here and tell me if anything should be changed:



You are off to a great start. Some people wait months to get their first order!

Check out: for hundreds of tips on how to get more orders.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


You should definitely stick with it. It always starts off slow. The positive reviews definitely will help you get more orders.