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Should I keep going?

A buyer left me 2 star rating for doing exactly what she asked.

I created two logos, revised and made another 2 logos, she disregarded all that and started making her own logo. Then she asked me to follow that, gave me the font that she used, so I did as she asked, I just made it look a little better. And now she left me a 2.0 star feedback saying “She didn’t make any logo, she just improved the logo that I did.”

Um, hello? That’s exactly what you asked. I made you four logos at the start and you disregard them all, where did it all go to to claim I didn’t make any?

I took this to support but they wouldn’t remove it because “every feedback is important to us”, all the robotic answer. I don’t like this false claim on my record, it’s going to make the new comers hesitant. Should I keep asking to remove it? I know Support is always being Buyer biased.

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they will not reverse the review. also, you have high ratings with lots of reviews, I think your account will survive. <3

At least you still get paid, right?

I did still get paid, I just couldn’t bear with the small amount of logic she has lol. And it’s going to be an impact because now her review will be on the very top (I left her a negative review too as this was a horrible experience but of course we can’t see that on the profile page, typical).

On the previous order she also left me a 4.0 just because she can even though she said she loved the final product. It really bothers me when people don’t leave a rating we deserve just because they feel like it.

yeah… the review system is enough to set me on edge for days :grimacing: