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Should i know something before i get started?

Hi, i just started my adventure on fiverr and would love to know if there’s something any of the rockstars here can teach me. My fiverr gig is

You’ll find a lot of great success tips from the “rock stars of Fiverr” in the Tips For Sellers forum. I recommend taking some time to read through those helpful forums. :slight_smile:

Well I for one just have to ask, what is it with Indian and Pakistan people saying things like, " i truly hope you will treat me kindly."

I really hope this doesn’t cause a stir of controversy. However, the majority of buyers using Fiverr are western. In this respect then, in western countries we don’t have the bow down and be appreciative no matter what a buyer asks for mentality.

My tip would therefore be to reword your profile and gigs a little to sound more confident and assertive.

Don’t beg for business, make people beg you for your services.

Well said. Especially that last sentence. :wink:

Thanks will keep that in mind :slight_smile:
Right now just struggling to get my first gig