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Should I leave fiverr and join another platform?

Hi, I am Mahfuz Saim. I am a full-time student and part time freelancer. I joined fiverr in Nov 2017. I understood nothing of it and did not create a single gig. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:
In March, 2019, I gathered some skills and learned about fiverr . I created some gigs and got success. I completed 25 orders and earned about $400 in three month.
For study purpose I left fiverr. Now for coronovirus, I am free and trying to earn some money. I turned off out of office mood on 17th March. I have created some new gigs.
Here is my gig’s performence:

You can check my reviews. Maybe I am not a very bad seller.
I am still not getting a single order. I am writing good offers on buyer requests, trying to stay active as much as possible. Some buyers contacted but none ordered.
What should I do now? Should I leave fiverr and try another platform? :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:
Please give me some suggestion. Thank you.

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I’m sorry but the preview image of the gig where it says that you’re a photoshop “expert” is poorly designed. There is a contradiction there. Buyers can see it. Maybe remove the “expert” badge from there and just say that you’ll do “any quick Photoshop task” or something of the sort?


Will fix it quickly. Anything else?

All you need to do is keep sending offers to buyers request and need patience too. You will definitely get a order.


@lenasemenkova @fouziafaiz990 Thank you

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Is it better:

Part of the reason that you may not receive many orders right now is because there are many, many people who have had the exact same thought.

As for your gigs, you already have gotten feedback in your other “Improve My Gigs” threads. It’s against the forum rules to create duplicate threads.