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Should I leave Fiverr?

I am here on Fiverr from Nov2017 to till now. I have seen some seller had 200/300 Orders in Queue.
But now I am frustrated because I have completed only 51 projects. Do you think that they got hundreds of order by sharing their gig on Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, facebook, Pinterest and question/ answer on Quara ? If your answer is YES then that will be more frustrated to me because I am maintaining those systems but no positive result.

Now what should I do?



They are more talented.
Their rates are less compared to what they offer.
They response more quicker.
They do reliable work.

What about this. You just take a good course to have your skills improved. If you are think that you are an expert and you have nothing to learn

just try to,

be responsive for your buyers than you do right now.
deliver good stuff than you do right now.
offer more reasonable amount of work for the money you get.
be more polite and professional for your current buyers.

Most of sellers are rely on repeat customers. So you have to have a good plan to interact them in your service.


I can totally understand your frustration. I would consider these thoughts.

Are you enjoying your time? If so, don’t quit … If you are miserable you may consider finding a different avenue…but first figure out WHY you are miserable or unhappy. There are plenty of people with gigs that are thriving!

Are you unhappy, currently with Fiverr, because you are lacking sales? … If this is yes, I would suggest finding other ways to market your gig. I.E Blog with a link to your Fiverr gig, Social Media, Warm Market, Reach out to previous buyers in a friendly manner.

Is Fiverr to blame or are you putting in minimal effort? … I’m not judging, and I’m not an experienced Fiverr seller, but I do have a lot of experience in running my own, successful, insurance business. When I was feeling “stuck” it was usually because I was not putting in enough time or work. From my understanding, this platform does not favor one who simply puts up a gig and waits for people to click…Yes, you will get sales, but you do need to market.

These are a couple of things to consider. I also recommend a book called The Dip by Seth Godin… It talks about the right and wrong time to quit.

Good luck and I wish you much success!



Thank you for your advice.

That’s considered spam. If one buyer reports you for doing that (and you can’t control what they’ll do), you could get your messaging disabled, or your account banned.


The one thing that I learned in a freelancing is to never look at my fellow competitors. The more you look at other the less you are concentrated on yourself. The only thing you need to be is you better than yourself yesterday.


Unfortunately, just posting your gigs on social media will not help at all. Even if someone sees your social media post, they would probably not order from you as you have not connected with them on a more personal level; sharing gigs on social media will only create a shallow impression on your prospective buyers. You need to be more specific with your marketing.

You need to find your target customers and give them a solid reason to purchase from you: not by asking them directly to purchase your gigs, but by displaying your skills and expertise in the field that your gigs belong to. There are several way of doing this. Instead of just posting your gigs on social media, you could, instead, create posts where you talk about the recent advances/news in your field of expertise or help answer queries/doubts that others might have (on forums, for example). This will create a more deeper connection with prospective buyers who, over time, might end up becoming regular customers.


I wouldn’t quit but I would know that this freelance platform was not a good fit for me. Not everyone can succeed here. I wouldn’t plan to make this my life’s work.


As per your perspective I should leave fiverr or any freelancing job. Right ?

What do you think about paid gig marketing ?

Oh - well then , Thanks for clarification . Sorry again about stating this

Ken Sutton

This is something only you can decide. If you have been here all this time expecting this to begin working well for you then it’s not going to work for you. If you rarely come here or do anything and don’t care about this then you may as well keep the account for now and then having a little extra earnings. But since you indicated you are always doing your best and trying as hard as you can, then this is obviously not working for you. You are beating your head against a wall for nothing.
Sometimes the best thing to do is give up and find something else that will work better.

Sharing on social media isn’t a guarantee on sells; especially since some of those sites will blacklist any fiverr gig links should link sharing get out of control. Those orders in queue could be from repeat buyers or even from some orders that were started but never completed due to an inactive buyer - was mentioned in past forum posts.

You’re selling services in some competitive niches, some of which have seasonal highs and lows. I know my gigs are in saturated categories and am trying to find an additional category from which to branch into without digging myself in a hole. Also, don’t solely rely on a single income source.

Having more than one source of income is a like a safety net where if one source slows there’s another that’s still earning. Don’t throw in the towel just yet; give it some more time.


you are absolutely correct. But some people having 400 or more order in their queue. What is the secret ? are they paid campaign for their GIG ?

Let’s start from the very beginning.

Are you able to handle 200, 300, 400 or even more orders?

It seems you are coveting what others have achieved and that won’t take you anywhere, so stop looking at others and concentrate on you and your business.


I’m sure each seller has a different secret. While many do advertise their services off-site, it’s possible to become very, very successful using Fiverr traffic alone.

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They are popular. …

Hi, Can you send the 200/300 queued orders gig links? I want to see which services they provide. Thanks

No, I am not coveting I just searching for the way to get more order. if you can handle 500/month I can handle 100/month. If you have any idea then tell something I wanna get 15 order/month. :slight_smile: Other ways I will delete my fiverr ID. I will not kill my time here on fiverr. Thank you.

Just they sell logo design service. you can find many many seller ID, Just search on fiverr with the keyword “logo design”