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Should I leave Fiverr?

I’m sure each seller has a different secret. While many do advertise their services off-site, it’s possible to become very, very successful using Fiverr traffic alone.

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They are popular. …

Hi, Can you send the 200/300 queued orders gig links? I want to see which services they provide. Thanks

No, I am not coveting I just searching for the way to get more order. if you can handle 500/month I can handle 100/month. If you have any idea then tell something I wanna get 15 order/month. :slight_smile: Other ways I will delete my fiverr ID. I will not kill my time here on fiverr. Thank you.

Just they sell logo design service. you can find many many seller ID, Just search on fiverr with the keyword “logo design”

This may be helpful to you: Marketing Yourself - Just Do It - Here's How - UPYOUR

And I want the sun, the moon and the stars… :roll_eyes:

If you want something, do your homework. Don’t expect, and much less demand, others to feed you.

You’re free to do whatever you want, no one will stop you. :roll_eyes:

If deleting your account is what you want, go ahead, serve yourself. You just need to press a button and it only takes a few seconds to do it. :smirk:


I just looked and see a lot of logo gigs with 60 or more orders in their queue. They are really good at making logos. I don’t know how else to explain it.


They are simply outstanding…

Also, sellers (logo design) who are capable of handing 200-500 orders in queue will most definitely have a team of artists working for/with them.


I would change unlimited revisions to 1.

What are they doing that you’re not doing? What gig titles are they using? Do they offer more, less, or the same you offer?

I see your most popular gig is specific:

" I Will Design A Professional Newspaper Ad Within Your Budget"

I would change “within your budget” to something else, maybe “in 2 days” or just delete those words. They’re not accurate words because you don’t know what my budget is, it might be $5 or $500.

Also, I think even numbers (10, 20, 30) work better than odd numbers (15, 25, 35).

I also believe that if you’re doing 1 Design Concept + JPG file for $15, 3 should cost me $45, or perhaps you could offer 2 for $30.

Fiverr has changed a lot since the early discount days.

Sometimes you have to look at what package is getting the most orders. I used to offer 5/10/20 slogans until I realized most people don’t need 20 slogans. Now I’m offering 2/5/10 slogans.

The other advice I can tell you is find other sources of income besides Fiverr. That way if Fiverr doesn’t bring the money, maybe something else does.


Thank you so much. I will follow your advice.

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Sharing on social media will not get you orders, unless you do it effectively.

Please research lead generation on social media. It doesn’t happen simply by posting your link.


What your competitors are doing right that you are doing perfectly? To know exactly, order their gigs to “spy” on them to see “How and Why” to discover what they are doing.

For the social media marketing, it works you do right. Do not promote your gig link directly, create blog or blogspot. com and write about your services or offers, What you do and what they can gain from your service…then promote your blog post (about your gig offers) on social media sites doing this will make them trust you and also your gigs will get more backlinks.

To sum up, i will suggest you dont give up.


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I’m sure a lot of people will be interested in reading all about him and what he does on fiverr, what his service is.

I’m not sure people who are working or looking for services on the internet will need someone to design newspaper ads. That is his gig.

Exactly,. he will get more exposure.

Thanks. I will check.

If you don’t have the ability to help others you shouldn’t kidding others.

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@buffalocreative be optimistic, consistant and put on more hardwork. I am sure you learn and earn a lot from fiverr

I am here on Fiverr from Nov2017 to till now. I have seen some seller had 200/300 Orders in Queue.
But now I am frustrated because I have completed only 51 projects. Do you think that they got hundreds of order by sharing their gig on Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, facebook, Pinterest and question/ answer on Quara ? If your answer is YES then that will be more frustrated to me because I am maintaining those systems but no positive result.

Now what should I do?

it is very true to be frustrated when some one work hard for nothing. but there is a clue too. sorry for my bad english and the clue is, there is some thing missing which is not going to attract some one. for reference If I don’t know my target audience is where and to whom I should tell will bring zero results. do some market research and find what others are doing and how, will give you better ideas. A person do 1000s of tricks for getting successful but believe me a single right click can change the whole life. A success needs only one right click at right time on right place. and boom. Be patient and try to find, what is missing in your struggles. Mark my words: Winners never quits and quitters never wins. Happy journey