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Should I leave Fiverr?

Dang, you’re so straight to the point, Awesome! :hugs:

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:flushed: That’s a revolutionary way of explaining it. I wonder why I didn’t get the idea to put it that way. :thinking:


Why should @maitasun help you when you didn’t even do your homework?
Ah wait, yes she did give an advice, which you didn’t like.
People not always will be giving you advices that you want to hear.
You know what’s the difference between you and those sellers with 300 orders in queue? They didn’t complain, they didn’t sit on the forum asking for an advice, they didn’t think to quit after hearing first thing that they didn’t like.
Most of those sellers worked really hard, they read everything what they could to create best gig they could and worked hard to make it work, they didn’t give up when things wasn’t easy, they didn’t complain, but they were creative, explored all possible ways to get clients and orders and didn’t expect things to come easy.

That’s the difference. You sharing your gig on social media is only spamming to be honest without proper marketing.


I think people get this by absolute hard work. Extreme hard work. I’m yet to see 100 orders in queue though.

I think this post will get you more traffic today. As everyone will like to check your gigs.
Maybe I should post **“I want to fly away from fiverr”**:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: good traffic Generator.

The great rule on fiverr here is

“Never give up!!”

No one achieves success by giving up.
Giving up is an advancement in failure Rather then success. Your gigs can still experience a revolution.

I have experienced several weeks without sales however, I will never give up. When the sales come, I enjoy them, when they don’t I put in effort.

He might get more traffic, but if nobody buys, it will lower his conversion rate, and his gigs might get down in search.