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Should I Let Customer Support Notify My Gig? - Top Sellers Please Help


I Need My Gig To Be Featured. I Think its Unique and I have Got sufficient orders in a Month. Now all the top posters here and the top rated sellers, Please Tell me that Should I Inform about my Gig to Customer Support??? Here Is Link

You Guys can check it out. I know :wink: that Fiverr Owners pick up randomly Unique Gigs, to give them a Featured Title. I was just thinking May be they haven’t gone through my gig as there are millions of gig on fiverr :smiley:

So would it be okay only If I Send Customer Support an Email with my gig link, so that they just check it out whether it meets all the requirements that a featured gig have. I mean sending them mail does violate any of the rules or not??


Reply to @bachas85: Oh Thank You so Much for responding fast :slight_smile: I really appreciate it Thanks :slight_smile:


Reply to @bachas85: Hey I have sent them an Email. How will they Notify me??? :smiley:


By email response or you’ll magically become featured


Reply to @rossonomous: I wish your words come true :wink:


I received n Email here it is

"Hi Samix,

Thank you for contacting us. Our editors will check on your request and you’ll be contacted if necessary."

Now how much days will that take? :frowning: