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Should I low-ball my gig?


I’ve heard conflicting things about pricing your gig. Some people say to go low, while others say not to. My gig is currently at $5 and I haven’t gotten any buyers. Should I increase my price to look more professional?


Not really the exact topic… But very similar… You could have a look at it if you want to. You might find the answer you are looking for :slight_smile:


I can’t say for sure what the best option for you is.
It can go both ways for sure.

It seems to me that your gig looks perfectly fine, the
descriptions are good too ( well, you’re an author ! :smile: )
Have you tried buyer’s requests?

I’ve heard many people getting their first jobs though the BR, and unlike
some ( and pardon me for sounding rude) people who claim to be “writers/authors,”
you have the right skills so you might have a better chance.


I don’t know how to do that. Whenever I go to Selling --> Buyer Requests, nothing comes up.


i don’t think that buyer request is a solution. for every request you will see that already 20+ request have been submitted by sellers.


Yes I have seen that problem is going on with my friend, I am level 2 user and when i go to buyer request i see bunch of request but new sellers did not see that much request, and have no idea why is that.