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Should I lower my prices?


Hi, I know I did another topic similar to this, but I forgot to ask this particular questions. Should I lower my prices? I will put a link to my gig so you can see what I am offering. I set my prices at $10 for basic, $20 for standard and $30 for premium. I saw people in my category going significantly higher or lower for similar gigs. I am just asking because I don’t want to undersell myself, but I don’t want to completely overcharge either. Thank you for any advice I appreciate it! :smiley:
link to my gig: thank you!


In my experience,
it’s depends on you. I got some clients who was fine my prices and some people (like 2-3 in 100) think that my prices are high and one of them even said i’m scamming with people :stuck_out_tongue:

But to me quality of work is matter and at some stages i even don’t pay much attention to money because i always worried my client satisfaction. Once i even get loss of 400$+ but no problem life lessons.

Maybe i have speak too much :stuck_out_tongue:

But if i suggest you if your new in freelancing and want to have some experiences and clients then low it to 5$ to get some gig ranking and reviews to make client trust.

Once you get better then gradually increase your price.
Good luck and best wishes.


Thank you! I wasn’t sure because I have yet to get a sale and I am new so I know it’s not going to happen right away, but I thought maybe it had something to do with it. I thought about lowering my price, but I have done some commissions before at craft shows for about the same price and was told that they were too low. I do really like the idea of lowering them till I get some sales and build a reputation, I will very much consider doing that. Thank you for the advice! It was really helpful! :smiley:


No problem, i’m glad to help. Just one more thing keep messaging regularly to buyer requests and once you get one order then BOOM! your journey begins.


As Assad suggested, lowering your prices at first might help you out. When I was only beginning, I worked my butt off for very little pay to get good reviews from buyer request (and a couple of orders ‘in the wild’). Once I had a reputation established, I was able to raise my prices and still get orders. After jacking my prices a week ago, I just had three orders at my new, higher price today!

It’s a process. Please keep in mind that editing your gig in any way causes it to be removed from search results for around 24 hours while it awaits moderator approval from Fiverr. I suggest changing your prices, waiting a week, and tweaking them if you don’t get the desired results.


Thank you! I did go on and lower my prices by $5 each. I actually didn’t know that if you edit the gig it removes it from search results for a while, that could also be a factor. I have edited it quite a bit since I made it (description, delivery, and faq) so I am going to like you said, go a week with no changes and see what happens. Thank you :smiley:


Very few buyers will trust a new seller. They will prefer experienced ones. You may sell your gigs at high price showing your portfolio through applying to buying request. It will be hard to find a good match. But there are a lot of buyers those who look for low-cost products. To start off you can target them, sell some gigs, build credibility. Then increase the price.