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Should i make a new fiverr account

Hey there!
Its been almost a year im on fiverr. Have a earning of $10000+ overall till now with 70+reviews but from past few months due to ill health i couldnt concentrate on the work properly and now that im fully fit , i see my level 2 and level 1 badge was taken off since i wasnt getting work and my profile lacked requirements. And now i dont even see buyer requests. I really want to work now and concentrate properly on my profile but its been almost a month i havent recieved a single message regarding my gig. I’ve tried modifying my gig my gig prices and have introduced new gigs too. A friend of mine suggested me to start new , to close this account and open new one and i might get work on the new profile. What do you guys think?


That is a good amount to make with 78 orders. But I see your review rating is 4.6 and because of that, you cannot see Buyer Requests. If you start a new account you would at least be able to see Buyer Requests. But you might want to read this thread to see how that is playing out for new sellers before you decide.


Honestly I think that you should continue on your current profile. Having reviews, even old ones, will make you much more credible to buyers, and it will be easier to earn back your levels than to build up 70+ reviews all over again.


I agree with @somaginer1996 - keep on going with your existing profile - if you’re not seeing buyer requests, have a word with CS as any user with over 90% should be able to see them (4.6=92%) I think? :slightly_smiling_face:

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