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Should I make custom offers or push buyers to buy directly from my gig?

Hey freelancers! I have a question I’m hoping someone can explain in detail, as there is NO answer I can find on my own.

Is it a problem that I make more custom offers than just directing the buyer to purchase straight from the gig? I end up created them often, as most clients contact me before making a purchase. Sometimes, I don’t even change the price or timeframe; it’s just simpler to have a custom gig created in the chat for them to click on right there instead of going back to the gig page.

The reason I ask is that I get random spikes of a lot of traffic and then a drought of no sales, and I wonder if direct gig sales rank me higher. If I can’t get an answer here, I’ll be turning to Fiverr support for advice on the subject and share my feedback under this thread.


It’s a good question.

I’ve been on Fiverr for almost five years.

I have NEVER sent a Buyer’s Request offer.

The rates/budgets listed are insulting.

BRs are for those freelancers who are newbies and anxious for some exposure or freelancers who are desperate for work.

Out of the 850+ jobs I’ve completed here, 100% of them were Buyers who purchased directly from my Gig page.

I have no intention of changing that.

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I don’t think it makes any difference at all what type of order (BR offer, Custom from chat, direct from gig) it is. It’s the completing of an order that’s important.

I have only ever landed BR. Like Mr Ink says, rates are often injurious and nor have those Ten 5-Star seemed to lead to more work.

To your Q: I have only ever used a special Custom Gig when applying/landing BR which means that gig is my “popular” one. The problem is that it is not one of my “line” gigs as in, my Mix & Master Gig shows no client work. This is most likely damaging those gigs ability to climb in the ranks in customer searches. I would have done otherwise if I had considered that. The reason I took the path I did is that in music & audio many jobs don’t fit the things in a formal Gig and I did not want people coming back and expecting things that are in the formal Gig but not our agreement.

I hope that helps in some way.


Yeah, I am a professional outliner and ghostwriter, so many times, like your music example, my gig doesn’t cover everything they are looking for. This is why after they message me, I end up just making the custom offer within the chat. I do make the custom offer directly with the gig they found me from (whether it be an outline, or ghostwriting a story), so it does show my review go to that gig. Just thought I’d ask if I should stop using this method and direct people to make their purchase from the gig page.

I appreciate everyone’s feedback above!