Should I make my prices higher


When should I make my gig prices higher?


It is depend on you… you can change it anytime…


I’m not the one to say, since I’m fairly new here, but I would suggest to increase prices when the queue gets really long?

If you start getting more customers than you can handle, I think that would be a signal of possible price increase that would not hurt your gig. At least that’s when I would do it.


I agree with that :slight_smile: Each of the times that I’ve raised my prices have been when I was getting more orders and inquiries than I could easily handle.


Thanks everyone for the advice


According to me, when you get 50-100 reviews and stars all over, you should go up 20-30% on your price, people who usually visits your gig should not find it quick high when they come back…
When you find your self steady between established sellers you can go ahead ans increase your price and your time for delivery…!
Some time sending costume offer help you earn same so try to be dependent on custom offer more…and offer some good price, time and service !
Also after increasing your price Some time offering your old customer service with old price with custom offer is really good idea to keep them bound!


If we think, that is very important topic to talk about, Here on Fiverr everyone have their own strategies. But according to my experience on Fiverr. There is only one situation when you should make your prices higher. SO, its when you started getting 5 to 7 Orders daily basis. you should take this step. this is way you get more and more. :slight_smile:


I think it is important because if your getting orders your doing well


Custom offers? do you mean buyers request or is that different?


when Buyer’s requirements cant fit to our gig, we can send them totally different custom offer according to their need!
when you are chanting with buyer, you will see button near send ‘Create an Offer’.
where you will be able to create new offer - new price-new time - new Extras and new conditions…!


ok yeah I have done a few of those


that is the thing that can help us creating more money :slight_smile: and taking big orders!
also we can set our time for this is good!
try using this mostly!