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Should I mark all the positive buyers reviews as Helpful?

I was reviewing my Fiverr profile as a seller and found that there are 2 buttons below each of the review. One button as thumbs up (Helpful) and other as thumbs down (Not Helpful). I just want to know what this thing is for? Should I mark all the good reviews from my buyers as positive? Will new buyers or the person who visits my profile will be able to see this activity of mine or marking all the 5 star rating reviews as helpful would leave any bad impression to Fiverr’s algorithm ( Spamming all reviews as helpful ). Would be great if expert freelancers of this platform answer this question. It’s uncommon but knowing more is always better. Thanks!


I assume that is there for Customers to rank Reviews.

Therefor a Seller ranking their own reviews based on whether they are pleasing to them or not strikes me as spamming the system.

Best to leave them alone methinks.


You should put all that energy and willingness to work on your gigs, customer service and your marketable skills.

Coming up with ways to game the system will ultimately come back and bite you.

Those buttons won’t help you achieve anything and they are not there for you to “favorite” your own reviews.

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I think you are right! Thanks!