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Should i not send Graphic Design mock - ups via inbox?

Hi , i’m new here in fiverr and is going well until now.
I recieved a message from a user requesting a flyer design, he/she told me that doesn’t trust every seller here in fiverr. So i did my work and put it in a frame mock-up and then i did adjustments asked by the user. But the user still didn’t make the order. I sent two versions and the user said to me that she/he will reply soon with the final decision.
Did i do a mistake that i didn’t insist on making the order first ?

Thank you so much
Sincerely drenthedesigner

Sending files before being paid is not recommended!

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Yes but i thought the user wanted to test my skills so i sent only a mockup of the final file,i don’t know if he/she tricked me

Thanks for the reply

If they aren’t responding you can safely assume that is exactly what they had envisioned.


system says work when order is placed, anything violating system is wrong…