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Should I or shouldn't I?

So nowadays I hardly ever post in the forum because I almost became a country after getting flagged. So my question is how do you deal with “buyers” (quoted because they haven’t actually bought anything from you) like this. “Buyer” send you simple instruction, you follow them but in the end decides to ask you to create a whole different universe. Now you may advice me to ask them to place an order before starting to work but when you are actually doing a trial sample to see if you are actually capable to complete the job, it is not advisable to ask for payment. So here is what happened a “buyer” asked me to create something, I wasn’t sure I could do it so I held off asking for payment first, when all was good and I actually found out I was good at doing the task, I asked the “buyer” to pay, only to get a response “Lets forget that one and work on a different project.” Would you agree to do work on another project?

Nope :slight_smile:
Although I’ve learned the hard way that you should charge them even for scoping the project. I usually ask a couple of questions at the beginning and once I feel confident about the project then I send them a custom offer which includes more detailed scoping (website audit in my case).

I even add a disclaimer that if I should find something that wasn’t discussed then it will be an additional order. If the buyer is not OK with that then we’re not a good fit to begin with as we have different expectations.

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NO. Absolutely not. Do not let buyers get away with scamming the system for free work. If they want another project, they need to order a new gig.


I don’t prefer free samples. You can ask your buyer to order mini packages for the sample work. You are spending time, doing hard work to prepare a sample, that worths some bucks. :smile: If He/She doesn’t agree to purchase the sample gigs, then ask to move forward without samples.


Did you actually give the buyer the result of your sample work before they asked you to do a different task, or was it something you worked on privately to sure but didn’t give them?

I ask because I have had times where I chose to test myself prior to taking an order and my answer might be different depending on what happened next. In my case, I’ve been asked to do something out of my comfort zone, so I chose to do the work in advance and then told the buyer I could do it and sent them a quote. When I have done that, I assumed that they might not accept the quote and that my work would then just become material for my portfolio. I would have considered a different order from those buyers because they didn’t take advantage of me, I chose to put myself in that position.

A different issue arises when a buyer knows you are trying to be sure and they ask you to send them your results before they pay. In that case, if they fail to place an order, they know they are taking advantage of you. It’s still your own “fault” in the sense that you knew it was a risk and I don’t think that’s always bad to test yourself. If that buyer won’t pay when they had the project given to them, I wouldn’t work with them on a different project. It’s too much of a red flag.

@gabbyseunagal the buyer hasn’t gotten away with free work, they hadn’t paid yet and when I was confident I could do the job that is when they tried to ask for a different job.
@uxreview Although the buyer is willing to pay more for the new job, the previous experience is just telling me to run.
@n4y33m Note that this wasn’t a sample it was actually supposedly the real job, but since I had never done anything like that before I wasn’t sure I could do it, but then I found out I could do it and on contacting the buyer to make the payment they decided they no longer needed it and wanted a completely new thing.
@fonthaunt Yes I sent the sample results but in a partially complete way but then the buyer decided. The buyer loved the sample and wanted the final project, a few minutes later the buyer decided to change the whole instruction and wanted a new project done.

It seems like to me that if the buyer got a partial, even though they didn’t get free work, they could see the time you had spent on it and were at least aware that what they were asking was a little rude. I think you answered yourself when you said to uxreview that [quote=“phantompower, post:6, topic:159808”]
the previous experience is just telling me to run.

When I feel that way, I go with my gut, and it’s usually best that way! Good luck.