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Should I pause my gig or activate the vacation mode?


I wanted to go off of fiverr for 8-9 months because I am preparing for Pre Medical test of my country. I tried to balance fiverr with my studies but I couldn’t. I am thinking about getting back once my exams are over and continue freelancing on fiverr during my college days. I don’t want my gig to be deleted because I have 2 reviews (100%) and every thing else 100%. I had joined fiverr in june. What do you suggest me to do to not loose my reviews and ratings and when I come back, I would get my gig as it was when I left?


HI, i think you should active vacation mode.


It won’t affect my ratings right? It won’t be deleted for inactivity, would it?


Nop! vacation mode on for ever! When you come back, it will be like you never left.


Thank you. I am switching on the vacation mode now.


no. it will nt affect on your rating and review . but keep mind it, when you come back after 3-4 month , you will see there will no impression in your gig. and it will take some time to appear the gig’s in search result.

but within some days , i hope all will good.

but if you want, you can change delivery time to 30days or more for your gigs. and try to check fiverr inbox some while you get some free time… this way will be great. so, your gig always shown in search resualt and people can visit your gigs. and when you back, you will get success within short time


:grinning: Try to your best.


Go for vacation mode


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And what does it mean?


OK seniors here know better but what it
1)Pause your gig.
2)Turn off receive custom offers.
3) But keep visiting fiver whenever possible.

may b just visiting the forum in free time


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