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Should i price down ? help


Hey there fiverr people,

So recently i was bombarded with orders, there were so many that i was working all day and nights and literally in 1 month i got more then needed for level 1, i though that since my gig was demanded so much i needed to price up… so when i got to level 1 i upgraded prices with +5$… since then everything slowed down so much, my rank is half and i am nearly always on 4th page, when originally i was always at page 1. orders still come in but it’s way too slow… i need some tip that i couldn’t find anywhere on forums… should i downgrade my prices ? i am afraid because of fiverr algorithm about editing gig ( that i just found out of ) that if i price down it will be even worse…


When did you raise your prices? If it was recently, then you will experience a drop in sales for a while, but it will pick back up again, speaking from experience. :slight_smile:

I’ve edited/tweaked my gig many times and it gets reviewed by Fiverr and then it starts showing up in the search results again - it hasn’t harmed my sales so far.

Don’t panic and enjoy the quiet moments - sounds like you’ve earned them!


Hey thanks for the reply :slight_smile: i updated prices 7-8 days ago, exactly when i leveled up in 15th :slight_smile: so i should just wait and let prices be what i upgraded to ?


Thanks for sharing information about price upgrade #jonrichards
Thanks all


Just wanted to say I really like your Gigs! They look extraordinary good :wink:


thanks so much :slight_smile: i really try hard


Absolutely! You’ve been on here for almost 2 years, so it’s definitely time to raise your price - if you put value on what you do, then so will the people who order from you…most of the time! :wink:

Like I said, I did see a drop in orders for just over a week and then it started to pick up again.


I think your prices are relatively high, have a look at what TRS and level 2 sellers offer, you will find them much cheaper. +$5 will not make that change on $70 basic gig after all!