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Should I provide the buyer with this info?



a buyer on this site since mid 2016 with no profile information found my virtual assistant gig and asked me to do the following:

  1. Hello! I saw your gig and I was interested in hiring you. I am looking for people to make toll-free US calls to a call center I work with, as a ‘‘compliance caller’’. Basically you would be posing as a potential customer. After you make each call, you would briefly let me know how the call was handled. Interested?

  2. In order to complete this assignment you must call this number (******** .You will receive a call back with a pin number establishing that you have a working US phone number. Upon providing that pin number via this site you will receive the first week’s call list.

Would you provide this? What is the potential risks that I would face? I am concerned that the buyers profile is incomplete like maybe 1% complete.


In my experience, buyers rarely put much in their profiles, if anything at all, so that won’t tell you much.
A quick google search of that number and it looks potentially associated with a non profit-- but who knows. Ask the buyer some leading questions and get some more information about their business if you are worried.
Working with any buyer always has risks, it’s actually a huge benefit they messaged you first for this kind of job-- rather than them ordering a 5.00 gig for something you don’t do and then you have to do the ol’ mutual cancellation dance.

ask them for more info-- your concerns are obviously specific to the type of job.
you can also use free online calling services, so you don’t have to be using your personal phone number.


We are not supposed to give out phone numbers.


The OP may be able to get permission to give our their phone number by contacting customer support. Worth a try, at least.


oh hell no…

  1. Like Miss Crystal wrote, it’s against the TOS.
  2. For your security DO NOT give out any personal information. The beauty of Fiverr (and 20%) is that it offers us the security of anonymity.


I’ve also heard of 800 numbers that switch you to a 900 number without you knowing and charging you $20 a minute. Something is wrong with this request.


My gut level feeling is that its a scam or not legit.


You can give out personal contact details if it’s necessary to complete the order. I’ve had this a couple of times and have confirmed with CS. This must be done after the order is placed and within the order correspondence.

The description sounds okay in itself but you might want to ask some verification questions like will you get a script? What type of feedback? What is the organisation?

If you’re at all unsure or uncomfortable, don’t do it.


doubt - just ignore it no need to take risk on it make your focus on your new business
Good Luck


Go with your gut feeling.

I, too, suspect something is not right. I highly, highly, highly recommend you not take this offer. Is a measly $5- $10 worth the risk?

Like Miss crystal said, you could end up paying hundreds in phone bill scam.


I did ask more questions and got more info so I threw caution to the wind and got my first gig at 40 bucks. It was definitely a business type gig that I wouldn’t want to do often but I’m glad I started my maiden voyage thanks to insight from this forum.


I’m glad it worked out ok, I was just reading through everything here and it just off to me. I would have said don’t do it LOL so I am really glad it was fine. Have you gotten your phone bill yet?