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Should I publish 7 GIGS as a new seller?

This is Mahfuzur Rahman, I am a Digital Marketing Specialist. I am new on Fiverr joined 1 month ago and I created 4 gigs. But I didn’t get any response till now, I just want to know should I create 7 gigs as a new seller. will it be better for me?


Don’t make a gig that you don’t have the skill to back. Gigs should be unique and offer different services. There’s nothing wrong with making more gigs, but you must be able to follow through.

That said, it can take some sellers months to get their first order. There’s nothing unusual about that.


Thank you so much. its helpful

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The lesson here for me is, don’t believe everything you hear on youtube about fiverr and immediate responses. I guess I need to manage my expectations. Thanks.


Thank you so much.brather

I failed the English test. So I can’t publish the GIGF. What can I do now?