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Should I Quit My Day Job?


I don’t think I will do that just yer. Been there, done that and two salaries are still better than one. One that is more stable, makes it an even sweeter deal.
However, my writing gigs have been going so well on Fiverr. Yesterday, I was a bit bummed because I had to cancel two projects. Now my completion rate is at 87%. However, I got two more orders for writing romance plots and I got an order for a 40k word novel yesterday.

Then, today I scored big. A client has hired me to work on 6 projects for her, each costing $1000. That’s just really awesome. The only niggling worry I have is this, should I go on vacation so I can complete this job, will it not affect my fiverr ranking and level? All my ratings will drop off in 60 days, won’t it? So, it’s a good thing that I am earning but now fretting about my levels being affected by being on vacation for so long.


This little chart should help you figure out if you can afford to quit your day job or not.

In your situation, $6,000 - 20% would be $4,800 or $160 per day.

The question is, how long can you keep that up?

A day job has the advantage of predictable income.

Fiverr isn’t predictable, so even if you do it full-time, there’s no guarantee you’ll make enough money to support yourself.

My advice would be to keep your day job and use your Fiverr money for luxuries, investments, savings, etc.


Thanks. I definitely will not quit my job teaching Spanish at high school. I do earn more on Fiverr though than I do teaching. Sometimes it feels like teaching is the second job. Sometimes it feels like teaching is the one getting in the way. I can’t wait for summer to write full time again.


I was going to write a thorough explanation as to why you shouldn’t quit your day job, but @fastcopywriter made the points that I would have.

Unless your personal circumstances preclude you from doing so, you should establish as many streams of income as practicable. I could not recommend to anyone that, when it comes to making money, they should place all their eggs in one basket.

Having said that, congratulations on your projects! That’s incredible.


Thank you. I did quit my teaching job in December 2016 and freelanced until September. I didn’t plan to return but got called by a Principal to invite me to take the job. I decided maybe I should take it. As @fastcopywriter said, stability and all. And two jobs are better than one.

I would do it if I didn’t have my daughter to consider. But, there are times I look at the number of projects I have to turn down monthly and I wonder if. I have to turn away so many clients because with my teaching job, I can only write so many books per month and no more.

It would be nice though for me to be able to quit my job and start my Masters degree while still doing this. It’s my aim.


That is amazing, and I congratulate you for it. As a teacher, do you work full-time? 40-hours a week? I know education is different than being an account executive or a typical job.

In the past, I applied to Teach For America, they pay really well, $42,362 for teachers. Too bad I didn’t get it, I could use it. Now I’m trying to become an Assistant Property Manager, but it’s hard, I don’t have any experience and every job needs experience, even a job at the bottom. A friend told me, “you do have customer service experience, you work on Fiverr.” Don’t know if employers see it that way.


If Fiverr is the only platform you’re working on then I would say expand your reach first. If for whatever reason you lose your account or there’s a change that negatively affects your sales then you’ll be in trouble.

Try to build up your profile on multiple platforms or even better set up your own business. Once you have a steady income and a few backup options you can revisit this idea :slight_smile:


@shashanewallace i think you should continue your work


Never Quit your Permanent Job, Fiverr is Good for Extra income but not reliable as you may get your account suspended for very small mistakes.


Most times, apartment complexes hire leasing agents (no experience necessary - but trainable).
Many Assistant and Property Managers started out as leasing agents, before moving up the corporate ladder. Customer service is very important, coupled with a great personality. Along with the ability to multitask, excellent negotiation skills, sales & marketing etc. If you’re computer savvy that’s also a BIG plus! Some opportunities/perks are living onsite with little to no cost. No commute, just a golf cart drive or something!


Yes, I work at a high school. It’s full-time. i only get to write when I go home in the evenings. It’s hard work to make that amount in the evenings alone. Sometimes I go to bed like 2AM and get up at 5:30 to get to work again. I am disciplined though.


If you are making more money working on Fiverr part-time than your day job, then quitting your day job wouldn’t be such a bad idea. It would give you more time to concentrate on Fiverr and you might just make even more money.

That said, money is not the only consideration here. For instance, maybe you make less money teaching but you enjoy and love the job. Maybe it’s your calling. Or some other reason I haven’t thought of.


Never say never :slight_smile: There are lots of people who quit and are doing great.


I know what you mean. That’s how I am no longer on Upwork.


Any freelance job on the internet is going to have ups and downs in income and could even evaporate suddenly. It is not a job to depend on for your and your child’s survival, no matter how well it’s going right now.



I am a teacher. I went through that thought once, and it left fast. As a teacher, you know the benefits.

As for vacation mode, yup. If you have 6 gigs at that price, seems you need to focus on them. Hard to teach and carry that kind of workload. If you are only gone for a couple of weeks, you will be fine, and you can always put a note in your little bio box that explains why you are gone.

Good on you. You must do great work to get such sales.

Enjoy it. While I am sure it is possible to live well as a writer, this is one hect of a month for you. Use the funds wisley fello teacher.



Make spring break and summer a test run for yourself. Set up a schedule and see how it feels, and what it is like to only do this. My understanding is if you quit teaching, in my state anyway, before years end, you lose your teaching license. You are in the perfect position to test the waters on this.

Again, personally, if I leave teaching, it will be for an advocacy position or some other realm of education, me thinks. Me cant predict future.


I am in Jamaica. The teaching system works differently. You will always have your Teacher’s certificate. I have also tested this. I quit my job in 2016 of December and worked as a ghostwriter only. It was a great experience. That’s how I got to perfect my skill.


That changes the picture. If you are able to live off of Fiverr and cover your needs and come back to teaching any time, and you have done it already, why not dream big, right?

In the states, different reality. What is your gig link?

Sounds like you have a good situation. I would take others advice to branch out to other platforms to write for or start your own little business. Charles


Thanks for the tip! I applied to two positions today. Of course, many still require experience, but a few don’t. I am a bit scared, sales is not really my thing. A CAM or Community Association Manager, the license I’m trying to get, doesn’t sell. He’s the one that sends eviction letters, negotiates with vendors, deposits money at the bank, etc.

That sounds great, but what happens if you get fired? Do you suddenly owe a $1,500 rent?

That sounds worst than advertising! Is this because you had to spend a lot of time revising the kid’s homework? No wonder many teachers love multiple choice questionnaires that a machine can grade. Of course, with essays and other exam formats, that’s not possible.