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Should I Quit My Day Job?


What country are you in. It all depends on lifestyle and life circumstances too. Was I to leave Education, for example, I would lose my student loan forgiveness opportunity for public service. I would lose my tremendous health benefits. Those are, to me, somewhat irreplaceable. Fiverr, and other creative entities I am involved in that help me make money as an aside to my full-time job are awesome! Living in the US, near DC, with student debt, no way Fiverr alone can sustain me.


Those are huge advantages for people who work in government, education, etc. You’re smart in taking it, a lot of people in the public sector think those of us in the private sector are making more money, but the reality is we’re the ones getting fired/laid off more often.

Government rarely fires anyone unless there are cutbacks. I heard the Navy was encouraging some people to retire because they have more admirals than ships for them.

I used to believe that, but it really depends on each individual. In a way, it’s like being a YouTube/Facebook star. For every Nas Daily, there are many unknowns not making a penny. Success on Fiverr may be easier than on other places, but even if you’re making $2,000 a month, it might not be enough.

That’s why the traditional life isn’t going away anytime soon. For example, Miami has a lot of immigrants from Venezuela, some opened restaurants that sell Venezuelan food, others became general contractors (construction), there’s a doctor who went to nursing school because it was easier than revalidating her MD, etc. These are traditional careers, ironically, the people stuck in Venezuela are either working on Fiverr or doing Bitcoin mining or both.


Completely agree, some jobs will neve change (not until the robot uprise at least ;-)). Jobs will be jobs. We still need doctors, chefs, drivers, nurses, teachers, and all these other professions which make the world go round.

I was more thinking about all these jobs involving ‘sitting at a desk with a computer and having meetings now and then’. No need at all to do this a specific amount of hours per week, it’s going to be more about output then time spend; like here in Fiverr.

Interesting you mention Venezuela, I’m living currently in Colombia (where BTW a 2000 USD salary gives you a very decent quality of life) and the situation here with Venezuela is visible on the street even. I have talked to many young, smart, well-educated people who are now selling coconut water on the street or wash the window of your car at a traffic light. And it’s indeed ironic that the ones who stay behind have to resort to more ‘modern’ ways of earning a living.

Anyway, the times they are a changin


It really is an interesting time. Fiverr aside, the way people work is completely different. So much is focused on the downside of things. But the fact that a Teacher such as me can do this and other things and still teach is so different from when my parents were teaching and their side hustle was summer camps and pyramid schemes. Or going back to school.

And the way tech is helping in the undeveloped work. I mean, look at Wakanda!



That’s my reality. Here in Jamaica, the cost of living is not high at all. As a teacher, I earn less than 1000USD per month and that’s a decent salary here.


I have many friends from Venezuela, some relatives as well. The rich were the first to leave, then the middle class, now the poor.

It is ironic because Venezuelans used to complain all the time about Colombian immigrants. You should have heard them back in the 80s/90s, “They commit all the crimes! They’re all poor! They’re taking our jobs!” Now it’s Colombian and Panamanians with the same complains about Venezuelans.

At least Fiverr doesn’t check visas and all that stuff, that’s something anyone can appreciate.

So how much is a rental in a middle class neighborhood in Jamaica? Can you rent something nice for $300? $400?


Yes you can. Many people are buying lands and building their homes though. I don’t have to rent so that’s good.


I would love to visit Jamaica! I hear it is incredibly beautiful. We used to hear a lot about it being dangerous, and then there is the hurricane problems the Caribbean was
hit with last year. Hoping that was just a one year problem… :crossed_fingers:


I consider Jamaica to be blessed. There is a crime problem but it is usually reprisal killings. 90% of the crime that happen I would say is the same faction against each other. Rarely is someone just killed who hasn’t been involved in some “gang” related activity. You don’t usually find a gun man for example just shooting people for no reason. It’s usually reprisal related. Where I live for instance, there’s not been anyone in my lifetime who’s died by the hands of a gun.

The hurricanes that have hit Jamaica have been few. I can’t remember us suffering any loss of lives due to any of these hurricanes either. At 28 years old, I am still waiting to feel the effects of a really bad hurricane. We’ve had worst rainfall that does more damage than hurricanes have. The most severe hurricane we’ve had was 1988 I believe.


Ok maybe this year I will venture down that way. I like to go to the Caribbean in the off season when it’s less hectic. It’s on my bucket list of places to visit.


Tourists seem to enjoy it. Tbh tourists have explored this island more than I have. There are 14 parishes and I’m not sure I’ve even been to half of them. Way too lazy to get out of my


I have seen on TV incredible trips down a certain wild river… I can’t get it out of my mind.


That should be the Black River Safari. Mystic Mountain and Dolphin Cove should be good too. Also, Prospect Plantation, Green Grotto Cave, Lover’s Leap, Port Royal, where the pirates lived, Dunn’s River Fall. And then there’s the food. Oh my. I had to cook for Americans when I vacationed there lol. People seem to enjoy our cuisine. A hike up Blue Mountain should be good too.


That’s amazing you’re getting so much work. Congratulations, and writing , too. Tough work!

I reckon you should quit, if you’re not happy with your day job, or prefer to focus all your time on Fivver.

Do have money in your bank account to fall back on when/if Fivver slows down. Very important.


Never quit your regular job.

Because you never know, for what reasons Fiverr can suspend your account, it could be a your small mistake or sometimes it could be your buyer’s mistake.

And to build the same profile it takes ages. you need to start from scratch.


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, I learned that the hard way. Always have a second, even a third source of income. That way when orders aren’t coming, when you need the money now and have to wait 14 days to get it, you can do something else.


Life seems to have gone through so many changes since I wrote this. I haven’t quit my job, but still hoping that one day I will. Instead, I kind of quit Fiverr and started publishing on my own. I’ve built a fan base and things are going well so far. I do understand what you mean by not putting all eggs in one basket. I still get on here every now and then to make a quick buck.


Oh, Gosh! This “little chart” is awesome! Thanks for sharing <3


Thank you, glad you liked it. What’s the chart of the life you have or the life you’d like to have?

My experience is that things rarely go according to plan, which is why I hate making plans. LOL