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Should i re post my gigs again and again

because i want my gigs to be viewed in new Arrivals

No don’t keep doing that. Once the gig is made you will be in new arrivals for the rotation of other gigs.

You will cause yourself more headache then anything in doing so.

Why wouldn’t you want them to be viewed in “Top Rated” instead?

And just throw away the reviews that you gain ?

That strategy might work for a little while, but with all the return-customers Fiverr has, they’ll quickly figure out that you’re gaming the system. Beyond that, you’ll lose out on all the perks that come with Level 2 and eventually TRS. As others have said, don’t waste your time - it’s a worthless strategy.

so whats the best strategy ?

Reply to @yosri21: that is what i wanted to ask too

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The best strategy is to get a few customers by advertising everywhere you can think of, blow their minds of with great service, and get great reviews so that people begin to trust you.

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Reply to @yosri21: Here’s a guide with 32 detailed tips how to optimize your gigs, right here on the Fiverr forum:

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Best strategy is that…~ do only what you can really do… people will be happy, they will save your gig, they will come back to you next time, they will also place nice feed back every time, it can also lead you to top rated.

Reply to @jamesbulls: thank you :smiley:

I agree with the above posters to strive for “top rated” or “highly recommended”. While “new arrivals” are easy to find, as a Buyer wouldn’t you want to buy from someone that has a clear proven track record on a gig? If I see a well established gig with great reviews I will be much more likely to purchase.

No Man! Just focus on improving your skills and stay positive. Sooner or later you will get orders,

Just wait for Customers!